Attorney Iris Alkoni

Our firm provides comprehensive legal services in the areas of civil and commercial law as primarily for corporate law (including Liquidation), Bankruptcy Law, Wills & Estates Law, Real Estate Law, Civil Litigation Commercial Law and Labor Law.


Our firm is a boutique firm serving its clients with professional advice and personal service while maintaining discretion and complete loyalty to our clients required by the laws of the ethics of lawyers in Israel and sees the benefit of the customer in mind.

Our care for our customers and the ways we help are at the center of our thinking as lawyers. In advising our clients we bring the experience of the attorney Alkoni in the world outside courts where her experience was gained from key roles in the commercial business in the economy.


Our office uses whenever required to provide a comprehensive solution to the customer's needs including secretarial staff trained and experienced and outstanding professionals that working with us in the fields of economics, real estate, investigations and more. 

The firm's clients: individuals, business, corporations, financial institutions, contractors, and more.


Attorney Iris Alkoni

Attorney Alkoni has many years of experience in the business line of key positions in the Israeli economy which greatly contributes to her work as a lawyer in commercial business.

Attorney Alkoni is a
• graduate of Tel Aviv University in 1991 (MBA)
• Beer- Sheba University graduate in Economics -1985 (BA)
• Graduate College Ono (L.L.B).
• Graduate mediation Tel Aviv University.


Iris Alkoni finished high school in the U.S. and began her career in economics IDF reservist. 

Attorney Alkoni deal in all the years in the areas of trade and marketing and has served in senior management positions in leading companies in the Israeli economy among them Elite Food Industries Ltd, Super-Pharm, Super-Sol Ltd, Hamashbir and others. 

Attorney Alkoni has many years of experience in the fields of commercial business. Alkoni implements extensive experience in the business to the law field.


Attorney Alkoni engaged in commercial contracts and commercial litigation. She acquired substantial expertise in states and wills. She has representation in bankruptcy proceedings, labor law, corporate law, real estate and banking.

Attorney Alkoni is a certified mediator from Tel Aviv University.


Areas of Practice

Bankruptcy and Liquidations of companies
Bankruptcy is a relatively new field and is legal landscape is in the making with the courts have not yet had their say and interrupts are in progress. Our firm has extensive experience in this field. Attorney Alkoni represents a large number of debtors who are in the process of bankruptcy.
The firm advises clients on whether to enter bankruptcy proceedings and to what extent the procedure is right for them, and helps prepare the reqest for bankruptcy, followed by accompanying the customer in the bankruptcy procedure and up to requests or discharge arrangement tailored to each client.


Laws of Inheritance and Wills
Law of succession and wills is considered one of the most complex branches of law in family law in light of the desire to discover the wishes of the testator who died. Laws of inheritance and wills comes to long proceedings when the parties involved in emotional processes that require experienced and skilled lawyers accompanying the parties and recognizing the depths of the laws and rulings.

The firm handles a long line of veteran's objections wills for family court and gained significant specialization in this field. Attorney Alkoni already completed a course that deals with the latest innovations inheritance law.
Under specialization the office also provides services in wills when this job prospective is in order to help realize the will and commandment dealing with objections to a will if any.


Real Estate
Our firm accompanies of real estate transactions between private clients and transactions between institutional clients (contractors) and private customers. Our firm has experience in handling transactions of sale and purchase of assets by auction under the supervision of the court acting as receivers and administrators of the estate. Purpose of drawing up contracts, we use first class consultants in the field of taxation and real estate appraisal. our experience over many years has resulted in a deep understanding of the ways the conduct with the tax authorities in the fields of real estate and understand the requirements of state agencies regarding Real Estate.


Labor Law
Attorney Alkoni know the area well as a practical turn manages throughout her career in diverse business economy. Our firm represents both employers and employees in employment law full range of their business, including our customer legal rights as workers or employers.


Commercial and Contract Law
Commercial law is a key area in our office and over the years, the firm is involved in making commercial contracts regarding construction and acquisition of companies, mergers and liquidations, arrangements with banks, contracts with suppliers and customers establishing business partnerships and more. Attorney Alkoni experience in the commercial and business contributes greatly to the understanding of business processes which are reflected in commercial contracts.